Manouver through the Levels

Now that you understand the concept, let's delve into how it actually works. How can you identify what each level represents, and how can you determine your current level?



Each level consists of two primary components: the level itself and the corresponding sport type.


Symbol Meaning

The sport types can be divided into two segments: strength, which currently includes Benchpress, Squat, and Deadlift, and endurance, which currently includes cycling and swimming. The number of red stripes indicates the level, with the highest level being Level 5, represented by 5 stripes.

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Detailed Symbol Definition


If you need a quick refresher on the level symbols, the chart on the right provides information about abbreviations and symbols.

Level Chart Metric


Explore Symbol Sport's Level Chart Metric, where each level is defined in kilometers and kilograms, providing a clear understanding of athletic progression. Discover what it means to achieve greatness in your sport and track your progress with precision.

Endurance based Levels
Running Cycling Swimming %
Level 1 8 Kilometers 16 Kilometers 0.5 Kilometers 80
Level 2 16 Kilometers 32 Kilometers 1 Kilometer 50
Level 3 25 Kilometers 64 Kilometers 1.6 Kilometers 30
Level 4 44 Kilometers 128 Kilometers 2.5 Kilometers 10
Level 5 80 Kilometers 256 Kilometers 5 Kilometers 1
% means people being able to perform this 
Strengt based Levels
Benchpress Squat Deadlift %
Level 1 40 Kilogramm 45 Kilogramm 60 Kilogramm 50
Level 2 60 Kilogramm 60 Kilogramm 100 Kilogramm 30
Level 3 80 Kilogramm 100 Kilogramm 140 Kilogramm 20
Level 4 100 Kilogramm 140 Kilogramm 180 Kilogramm 10
Level 5 120 Kilogramm 180 Kilogramm 220 Kilogramm 1

% means people being able to perform this